Matt’s Monologue: The Emergency Loan Window

How would a team like Tranmere cope if they were not able to bring in players on loan outside of the transfer window?

Depending on how you look at things, you may say they would struggle, others could argue it would be a benefit to them.

However, it may become a reality in the not too distant future that once the deadline passes, that is genuinely it in terms of signing someone until the next window.

FIFA are considering a ban on the emergency loan system. Well, actually they have been thinking about it for quite some time and it looked set to come into play for next season.

The FA has managed to get this pushed back though, meaning temporary transfers will be permitted in 2015/16.

Personally, I do not see the logic in why they would want to get rid of it.

Okay, I think it needs looking at and tinkering with, but if you ban loans in lower league English football, it completely overlooks the fact that over here, our system is unique.

There is no other country that has so many professional teams, who equally need players, but are short on cash.

Tranmere have signed more players on temporary deals than any other club this season. However, at times these have been genuine “emergencies”, when centre-backs have been injured or there has been a shortage of strikers.

What would happen if, for example, Owain Fon Williams got sent off one week and Peter Brezovan picked up an injury in training.

There is Sam Ramsbottom as back up, and without wishing to criticise the lad, I am not sure too many managers would be comfortable throwing an 18-year old who is yet to make his professional debut into the side, especially given the current situation.

In previous years when this has happened, Ronnie Moore and Les Parry have turned to the loan market – you may recall the likes of Dino Seremet and Paul Rachubka coming in.

Rovers, and numerous other clubs up and down the land, cannot afford to have three goalkeepers on their books. So in this situation, the emergency loan system was a complete necessity.

What I think most people’s problem with the market is is that it does get abused. Perhaps this is FIFA’s issue with it. They think once the transfer window has closed, you should just deal with your squad, and not be able to bring in player X and player Y to strengthen.

So perhaps there is a case with changing the rules slightly. If it is a genuine emergency, your squad is down to the bare bones, players are injured and suspended, then you would be permitted to bring players in. If not, deal with it.

But if it is banned altogether, I am not sure how the poorer clubs would cope. Perhaps they would have to sign players on a part-time or pay-as-you-play basis, just in case they are at some point needed.

As it is, I think we can breathe a sigh of relief that there has been a reprieve for one more year.

After all, where would Rovers be without Rory Donnelly’s goals against Exeter, Newport and Shrewsbury or the influence of Dan Gardner in midfield? I would argue the situation would look even worse than it currently does.


One response to “Matt’s Monologue: The Emergency Loan Window

  1. Not gone to many games this season so maybe I’m not best-placed to comment, but here goes.

    + TRFC have used something like 52 players – how can the lack of cohesion and turnover in squad be good for the loaning club? In a normal business, companies with high staff turnover tend to be badly-run.
    + How can the fans “connect” with signings who play for 3 games and then go back? TRFC fans warmed to Cassidy and Gibson a couple of years ago, but I’m concerned about the one month players… save for Carlisle voting Jimmy Glass as their favourite ever player, I can’t think of many short-term loan signings whom fans warm to – hopefully TRFC fans do to Green if he helps keeps us up!
    + How can a player being shunted to a new club for a month improve in training – methods and coaching personnel will change. That cannot be good for the long term development of the loaned-out player; that cannot make the loaned-out player better/more valuable to the parent club.

    The loan system is farcical – in my view it works for no-one in a high percentage of cases and needs to change. In my view, use the general transfer window:
    + Summer transfer window for a season or until January 1st; or
    + January transfer window until end of season;
    + No recalls (unless it is an “emergency” yourself), cup bans or restrictions in playing against your parent club
    + Wages paid by parent club (hopefully stops clubs hoarding talent in the FFP era).

    What is an emergency? I’d say having only one fit goalkeeper and/or only one or two players over 18 in any position is an emergency – nothing else. If you’ve signed dross that is your lookout. TRFC have made made something like 13 this season – have we really had 13 emergencies?

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