Michael Wilde Pulls Out Of Tranmere Takeover Bid

Michael Wilde has today announce that he has withdrawn his interest in buying Tranmere Rovers.

The business, who is a former chairman of Southampton, has been negotiating a deal with chairman Peter Johnson for the last six months, but couldn’t quite push a deal over the line.

Here is his statement in full:

Following recent speculation in the media that I was interested in acquiring Tranmere Rovers, I feel that now is the right time to clarify the situation. Alongside my excellent bid team, which included Jeremy Butler and Albert Ferrer, I have worked extremely hard over the past six months trying to negotiate a deal with the Tranmere Rovers board.

I had exciting plans in place, including the appointment of Albert as Head Coach, aimed at creating a new and successful culture at Prenton Park. Unfortunately, however, following long and protracted talks with Peter Johnson, and despite agreement in respect of many areas, we have been unable to conclude a final agreement.

Having committed substantial time and resources to the project I am deeply disappointed that I will not now have the opportunity to become the custodian of the club I have supported since my childhood on the Wirral. As a Tranmere supporter since attending my first league game at the age of 11, it is extremely saddening that a transaction could not be concluded, particularly at this difficult time for the club.

Consequently, and after much consideration, I have now decided to withdraw from the process and I wish Tranmere Rovers every success in the future.



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